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I am Gabe von Wellsheim, the owner of Aloha Solar Power. 

I was born and raised in a small remote community on the east side of Maui, HI, a rural area with no access to the grid. Everyone in our community generated their own electricity from solar panels and stored it in batteries to be used at night. When you grow up in a place where every home is reliably and safely powered by solar energy, you grow up thinking it is the norm. 


As I got older and traveled the world, I realized that not everyone generated their own energy with solar panels. I leaned most of the world is connected to a centralized power grid, and pay a monthly bill based on the energy they consume. Furthermore, the energy supplied from the grid is generated from burning fossil fuels and the price for that energy is rising every year. This never added up. I always knew that solar is a simple, clean, affordable alternative to the grid, yet most people are still not utilizing it. "Why not?". That simple question drove me toward a very rewarding career path that I continue on today. 

After studying solar and renewable energy I became a licensed electrician. In the past 10 years, I built over a 1000 solar systems, served as the superintendent at a large San Diego based solar company managing 18 crews, and taught night classes at the San Diego Electrical Training Institute educating apprentices on solar and energy storage. 


My passion to educate people and provide an affordable alternative to the utility company is what inspired me to start Aloha Solar Power. I now have the pleasure of offering homeowners a clean and more affordable way to generate their own electricity. I am passionate about what I do and genuinely get excited every time I am able to assist in a family’s transition to a future powered by solar energy. Given the right information most people will choose to produce their own free, clean, solar energy than renting fossil fuel created energy at a rising rate. 

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